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Monday, February 3, 2014

INTERVIEW: Philm's DAVE LOMBARDO - "There Is No Friendship When It Comes To Money"

Legendary Dave Lombardo needs no introduction. He is most widely known as a very aggressive and exceptionally skilled heavy metal drummer. His use of the drums have been called "astonishingly innovative" and earned him the title "the godfather of double bass" from Drummer World. Over his career, he has had a significant influence on the metal scene and has inspired many modern metal drummers, particularly within both thrash metal and death metal. 

Metal Wani Editor In Chief Owais 'Vitek' Nabi (alongside assistance from correspondent Vânia F. Silva & Grim Fist for the line of questioning) recently had an in-depth chat with Dave Lombardo as he discuses upcoming Philm Album, songwriting, Grip Inc and Fantomas, Bill Ward, Black Sabbath new album, lessons he has learnt in life, Jeff Hanneman's birth anniversary, the related Grammy fiasco and much more. Here are a few excerpts 

Your debut album "Harmonic" was a damn good record. It was the typical out of box record with an old, vintage soirthund, like Cream, Zeppelin it has that 60s and 70s vibe. What are your plans for new Philm album?

Dave: The 2nd album was being written as we were mixing the first album. So at this point, we have 2nd album written, recorded and we are waiting for record companies. We are going to release it soon. I am getting really anxious to put this album out because it's uniquely different compared to 1st one. It's not experimental as compared to first one. Here, the songs are little more concise and straightforward and not a lot of improvisation or a lot of places where the band decides to take off musically and improvise. As we are speaking, we already have 5 songs written for the 3rd album. We are exceptionally challenging musicians.


Did you see PHILM as a chance to break free from what was the norm at Slayer and express your different influences?

Dave: Yes, you know Slayer from past 30 years have been the same. They are more into the heavy metal and punk rock. These two elements developed Slayer's style. When it comes to Philm, we have so many individual influences and the musicianship. Not only myself with the percussion, both Gerry Nestler and Pancho Tomaselli play piano as well. We work under a very environment. We jump from one style to another but always keep it in the Philm form. So it's pretty interesting.

I recently went through an interview with Legendary BLACK SABBATH Drummer BILL WARD in which he said and I quote: "Lately I've been listening to some new Dave Lombardo tracks — and his stuff is incredible! He just blows me away." How does that make you feel?

Dave: It made me feel really really good. Bill Ward and I have established a very very nice relationship. We are in touch. I keep asking him how's he doing and he communicates with me as well. We have a nice little thing going on you know. I am very happy to have met him recently. I met him for the first time in 2004 during Black Sabbath reunion when Slayer played in the festival. I then met him a year ago. I have heard just one song from Black Sabbath new album. I cant listen to Black Sabbath unless it's Bill Ward on drums. It would have been so much better if Bill would have been on drums.

There has been some outrage due to the fact that both Jeff Hanneman and Clive Burr were snubbed at the Grammy's “In Memoriam” segment, which you know, was disappointing.

Dave: Yes It was disappointing. They are notorious for that. That organization is predominately for rap and country driven. They don't wanna hear rock. They don't care about rock and metal. Metal, I think is music for misfits and it is played by misfits. Let it be.. let it be. We don't need anyone, metal doesn't need anyone or an organization to recognize who we are. We have our fans.

Listen to the complete interview at the location posted above.