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Saturday, March 8, 2014

INTERVIEW: Soulfly's MAX CAVALERA On 'Savages' - "It's My Favorite Sounding Album Of My Career"

I’m going to get right into it, because what we are dealing with here is non-other than Max Cavalera’s territory of lumbering riffs that will leave you with a sore neck! Right from the days of his former group Sepultura, Max has offered very distinct almost groovy metal music. When it comes to beats, the Brazilians sure know how to pack a punch! With their latest album, Soulfly truly has unleashed something that cannot be described. With all of its thrash, groove and death metal elements flawlessly tuned to the best that can be offered, Soulfly’s ninth studio album Savages was an all-out assault on your senses. Who amongst you deny Max Cavalera? Not only is the man largely responsible for broadening the horizons of death metal in the ’90s, but I bet many people — like me, for example — received their introduction to the genre via Sepultura. Like Sepultura, we can’t escape Soulfly. Once you have a band on your license plate, there is some unexplainable, inextricable link that you simply just need to own. They’ve worked thrash hard over the past few albums, but with Enslaved, and now Savages, their death metal flavor is finally creeping back in too.

Metal Wani writer Sairaj R. Kamath and Renu Rau recently had a chat with Max Cavalera as he was gearing up to tear the stage in Southampton, UK. While we were in their tour bus, Max discussed Soulfly's new album "Savages", his collaboration with many artists, the new Cavalera Conspiracy record, various side projects, touring India and much more.

Listen to the interview at the YouTube location below —