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Saturday, March 29, 2014

INTERVIEW: STEEL PANTHER's Michael Starr: "We Want To Create A New Wave Of Glam Metal"

The 80’s rock inspired Steel Panther have been key players in the glam metal scene since the release of their debut album “Feel The steel”. Through an amalgamation of the 80’s rock greats with the addition of humorous lyrics and an exaggerated on-stage personae to recapture the rock lifestyle of that era Steel Panther boast one of the best live rock shows out there. They have just finished their 2014 European tour “Spreading the disease” and are due to release their third album “All You Can Eat” on April 1st 2014. The album artwork is a typical Steel Panther take on the “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci. “Party Like tomorrow Is The End Of The World”, “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” and Pre-orders for “All You Can Eat” are available on iTunes.

Metal Wani Writer Paul McGarry recently had a chat with Michael Starr (Vocals) of Iconic Glam Metal Band STEEL PANTHER. He discusses new album "All You Can Eat", songwriting, 80's glam metal scene, thirst to become to the best band in the world, upcoming tour and much more.

Listen to the Entire Interview Below: