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Thursday, May 1, 2014

INTERVIEW: NAPALM DEATH's Mitch Harris On New Album - "It's Intense, Fast, Aggressive, With A Nostalgic Atmosphere But Also Some Groundbreaking Territories"

If one is to chronicle the rise of true extremity in the history of heavy music, then the rise of punk and its various variants are quite undoubtedly the turning point for musicians at the time to explore new levels and avenues of sonic abrasiveness. From the basal root of hardcore and anarcho-punk, a group of disillusioned youth in Birmingham further channeled their angst and indignation into an even more potent realm of extremity, by taking cues from the punk music of yore a la Crass, Discharge, Siege and D.R.I and introducing newer and more potent sensibilities from the then incipient but emerging first wave of extreme metal bands such as Possessed and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, themselves largely owing much of their sound to hardcore punk. Having originally released their first few demos under names such as Political Unrest and Civil Defense due to ideologically being rooted in anarcho-punk, the band went onto adopt the name Napalm Death as it described how the band felt about things and also due to its unique ring. Having been a primary influence on the various aspects of extreme music as we know it, be it the usage of relentless blast-beats or shaping the grindcore genre as a whole, the band, while having dabbled in primarily traditional death metal and even groove-laden song-writing sensibilities, has retained its core sound across its long existence, braving many major lineup changes and executing stylistic shifts while retaining their sense of grit as opposed to descending into failed experiments.

Metal Wani's Editor-in-Chief Owais 'Vitek Nabi and Achintya Venkatesh recently had the opportunity to interview the band's guitarist Mitch Harris, who joined the band with the immensely seminal 'Harmony Corruption', marking their stylistic shift to a death metal-induced style. Harris discussed a variety of topics, including the nature of the forthcoming Napalm Death album, their recent E.P release, his side project Menace and the prospects of playing in India, among other topics.

Stream the entire interview below: